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Selling Dreams: One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography

Light House, Wolverhampton, UK, October 14, 2011–January 13, 2012
Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK, March 9–April 29, 2012
Royal Albert Memorial Museum & Art Gallery, Exeter, UK, July 7–September 2, 2012
McManus Galleries, Dundee, Scotland, September 28, 2012–January 6, 2013
Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland, February 2–April 20, 2013
State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, August 10–November 10, 2013
Auckland Museum, Auckland, New Zealand, December 6, 2013–February 28, 2014
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK, March 28–May 4, 2014

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